Course Schedules

When can I take a self-paced course?

Self-paced courses can be taken at any time.

What is the schedule for facilitated courses? Do I have to be online at a specific time?

Facilitated courses open and close on specified dates, as listed on the website. Participants in these courses follow a weekly schedule of readings and assignments, but they can do their work at any time during the week. Some courses will have scheduled chats or webinars, and these will be listed on the specific course schedule.

What if I can’t participate during one of the weeks the course is running? Can I still take the course?

Often participants know they will not be able to participate during certain days/weeks that the course is running due to travel, work schedules, health issues, etc. Our instructors can make arrangements with individual participants to work around these challenges. (For additional information, see the Completion Policies)

What is an asynchronous discussion?

Online course participants communicate through a discussion board within the course system. Participants type their responses to discussion prompts provided in the course, and other course participants can type replies. Participants contribute to the discussion at times that are convenient to them. They do not have to be online at the same time.

Selecting a Course

I see that some courses include classroom application activities, but I’m not teaching right now. Can I still take the course?

Some of the courses are designed to support participants as they try new strategies with adult learners. Course instructors will work with participants who do not have access to adult learners to come up with alternate activities. Sometimes, participants can try suggested activities with a group of colleagues or other adults instead of in an actual classroom or tutoring context.

I’ve never taken an online course before. Will I know what to do?

Course participants will have varying levels of comfort and experience with the online course system. The course instructor and/or facilitator will be able to assist with any questions or difficulties. Course participants will need to have a reliable high-speed Internet connection and email access. (See Minimum Technical Requirements for more information.)

Registration and Payment

How do I register for a course?

Select your course here, than click the “Register” button, which will open a registration form. Some of the self-paced courses do not require that you register. If the course is full, or not yet scheduled, you will be added to an interest list and we will contact you once a spot is available.

Is there a cost for the course?

Course fees are listed on individual course detail pages.

Course Access

How do I get started in my course?

  • For free self-paced courses, you can click the “Sign In” link on the course page and jump right in, no log-in required.
  • For facilitated self-paced courses, as soon as we receive your registration and payment, we will email you login instructions and you can get started.
  • For regular scheduled facilitated courses, you will be sent your login information the day before the course starts. If you have not received it by the start date, please contact us right away.

Can the courses be accessed from different computers?

The online course system is web-based, so participants just need to be able to access the Internet to get to the courses. (See Minimum Technical Requirements for more information.)

I forgot my username and/or password. What do I do?

From the course login box, click the link “Lost password?”. If you are still having trouble logging in contact Leah Peterson at lpeterson@worlded.org.

Completing Courses

Do your online courses count for CEUs?

Once they have completed a course, participants can download a completion certificate through the course system. We can also provide supporting documentation such as instructor resumes or course syllabi to support applications for CEUs or professional development credit needed for their state or credit-granting organization.

Not all courses offer a certificate. How can I show I completed the course?

If you want a certificate, please e-mail a short reflection paper addressing the course questions.

How do I print my Certificate?

Certificates are available once the instructor has scored all the exams and marked participants complete. The course evaluation must also be filled out. Once these steps are complete, the link “Course Completion Certificate” at the bottom of the course will activate, allowing you to open and print your certificate.

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