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World Education E-Learning courses are available to groups of all sizes, from a single program cohort to statewide efforts. We work with regional, state, and program groups to best meet your professional development needs.  Read about our options to get started customizing your E-Learning experience.

In Texas, hundreds of educators have taken our courses through the TRAIN PD Consortium:

“With an enormous state to serve and a mandate to provide professional development based in research, TRAIN PD has relied on World Education for provision of intensive, highly engaging professional development opportunities for Texas adult educators and their partners in higher education who also serve underprepared adults. Career pathways and college transitions are high priorities in Texas, making World Education facilitated online courses a great fit for the state’s needs – including Navigating Pathways to Opportunity: Comprehensive Opportunities for Support; and College Readiness for Adults.”

Harriet Vardiman Smith, Managing Director, TRAIN PD Consortium, Texas Center for the Advancement of Literacy & Learning

While in Minnesota, educators have participated in our courses as part of their Numeracy Initiative:

“Here in Minnesota, we have been using the World Education Numeracy Courses as a key part of our Minnesota Numeracy Initiative (MNI) program since 2010. MNI is a year-long hybrid of professional development for Adult Basic Education teachers, in the field of mathematics. In addition to other components like full day meetings and webinars, the participants take two World Education courses.  In the first half of the year, they take Foundations of Teaching Adult Numeracy and in the second half Teaching Reasoning and Problem-Solving Skills. As they work with partners, they increase their own personal understanding of numeracy and explore applications of it in their classrooms. The World Education courses really provide a great foundation of numeracy. Participants of all math backgrounds find the courses to be excellent!

After the year of training is complete, participants are encouraged to take additional World Educational courses to continue their numeracy education.  We find the World Education courses to be excellent resources for professional development.”

Rebecca Strom, Math Instructor, MNI Project Lead

Other states, including Pennsylvania and Kentucky, have offered our courses through their state professional development catalogs and either been billed for individual registrations or have reimbursed their participants after successful completion.

In addition to accommodating groups large and small, World Education E-Learning offers extended professional development opportunities and custom developed courses.

In Arizona, a dozens of educators took courses and participated in discussion groups and other activities between courses to create an extended professional development experience.

World Education also works with states to develop new E-Learning courses or customize existing courses to reflect specific state initiatives and contexts. For example, state resources and data might be embedded into the course content and activities or guidance offered by the course instructor.

World Education developed a Career Coach Course for the Virginia Community College System (VCCS). This 30-hour self-paced course serves as the cornerstone for a VCCS Career Coach Certification, and consists of new content developed in collaboration with VCCS and existing content from our facilitated courses adapted for a self-paced format.


We look forward to working with you!

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