Number Sense: Teaching About Parts and Wholes

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numbersTeaching students how to estimate, do mental math, and use calculators will help them to better understand how to use numbers. This course focuses on how to help adult students answer key questions: When is it necessary to have an exact answer, and when is an estimate sufficient? When calculation is necessary, which tool is appropriate to use? This course examines how students develop and apply number sense and provides lots of teaching strategies and activities that you can use right away.

*The prerequisite is recommended, not required.

Participants say:

speech bubble“I’ve always wondered how to teach estimation strategies better to my students and look at the issue of teaching parts and wholes. This course has given me tons of resources to better help my students with these topics, and I have a wide array of approaches to use in doing so. It has been immensely helpful and timely.”  Dustin Grooms, Instructor, Fleming County Adult Education, KY

By the end of the course, you will be able to help students choose the right computation tool (estimation, mental math, calculator, paper and pencil for a problem; compare and contrast two ways to help students understand fractions and their equivalents; and design activities that use estimation, mental math, and reasonableness strategies.

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Estimated Completion Time: 2-3 hrs/week (12 hours total)

Completion Requirements:

Successful completion requires participants to complete required assignments, participate in asynchronous discussion, and score at least 80% on the course exam. Participants may download a Certificate of Completion upon successful completion of course requirements.

Certificate for Completion: Yes

Course Development:

This course was produced through a partnership between ProLiteracy and World Education/U.S.

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