Teaching Reasoning and Problem‐Solving Strategies

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Format: Facilitated

Course Fee: $234

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Man Sitting at a Table Using a CalculatorNumerate adults do more than calculate figures. They think about the relationships between mathematical concepts and real‐life situations. They look for patterns, make predictions, and evaluate their conclusions. They can form problems, represent them, and solve them. They apply critical thinking skills. As an instructor, you help students learn by choosing appropriate problems and guiding students as they try out new reasoning and problem‐solving strategies. This course examines mathematical reasoning and problem‐solving strategies, along with lots of teaching strategies and activities that you can use right away. Additionally, connections with the Mathematical Practices of the College and Career Readiness Standards are discussed.

*The prerequisite is recommended, not required. 

By the end of the course, you will be able to understand how adults solve math problems, build students’ comfort and skills in numeracy, and use reasoning and problem‐solving strategies and activities in your own teaching.

Course Instructor:

Amy Vickers

Estimated Completion Time: 2-3 hrs/week (12 hours total)

Completion Requirements:

Successful completion requires participants to complete required assignments, participate in asynchronous discussion, and score at least 80% on the course exam. Participants may download a Certificate of Completion upon successful completion of course requirements.

Certificate for Completion: Yes

Course Development:

This course was produced through a partnership between ProLiteracy and World Education/U.S.

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